Krossflow Slip-On Muffler Can Am Ryker


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Krossflow Slip-On Muffler Can Am Ryker

ohne Straßenzulassung, nur für Motorsportzwecke !!!

  • This is, in comparison to Mud Edition, a quieter option with retained flow and heat dissipation.
  • This system replaces the old Baffletech and is available to all models we currently have Mud Edition for.
  • The Krossflow muffler is fully repackable and compared to other brands you can take it apart in just minutes to service it.
  • All parts are interchangeable with the parts from our Mud Edition.
  • As in the Mud Edition, the end tip and clamp are machined from a solid piece of aluminum, the end tip is also powder-coated with hard heat resistant material.
  • The end tip also has more gravity to it to work as a heatsink for the muffler which helps to keep the temperature down in the muffler body and core
  • When you remove the end tip and clamp you get 100% access to the inside of the muffler and the inner core that you can easily remove for cleaning and repacking.
  • Lower sound level than Mud Edition
  • Gain horepower and torque
  • Deep, dark, almost evil sound
  • All parts interchangeable with Mud Edition (except old style Quiet Core)
  • Built and assembled in our shop in northern Sweden
  • 100% SS304 stainless in cans and tubes
  • Aluminum parts are 6061 CNC machined
  • Precision TIG-welded with high-quality filler rod
  • Mandrel-bent tubing
  • All Krossflow mufflers are repackable with RJWC Corewrap
  • Repack and service your muffler fast and easy!
  • A model-specific repacking kit is available
  • Incredible deep and clean sound guaranteed

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