RJWC Segway Snarler MUD Edition Schalldämpfer

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RJWC Segway Snarler MUD Edition Schalldämpfer

  • Mud Edition & Krossflow Exhaust System
  • The Mud Edition is one of the most exclusive exhausts we have released.
  • No expenses were spared in developing what might be the most refined top-tier exhaust for ATVs on the market.
  • We genuinely believe that this is the highest quality exhaust system money can buy.
  • If you have the long wheel base version you need the adaptor
  • Product Specifications
  • Built and assembled in our shop located in northern Sweden
  • Cans and tubes are high-quality SS304 stainless steel
  • All aluminum parts are 6061, CNC machined out of a billet block
  • Precision TIG-welded with high-quality filler rod
  • Mandrel-bent, thick tubing
  • Incredible deep and clean sound
  • Spark arrestor and all needed mounting details included
  • All our Mud Editon and Krossflow mufflers are repackable and compatible with RJWC Corewrap
  • Observe that all our exhausts and mufflers are bolt-on and are made to fit stock vehicles.

Nur für Motorsportzwecke. Keine Straßenzulassung !!!